Public Health Champion steps out of the ring

Posted by Editor • Sunday, August 1. 2010 • Category: News
Member for Hornsby Judy Hopwood
Member for Hornsby Judy Hopwood has never been one to shy away from the tough issues. From a successful 34 year career as a nurse alongside her active involvement in numerous community groups, she has been a tireless force in the public service for her entire working life. After winning a bi-election which made her the 66th woman in NSW parliament Judy has spent the last 9 years in the legislative assembly championing social issues and public health reform. A woman with very firm convictions, Ms Hopwood had successfully moved her margin from 2.7 percent to 16.5 percent over her time in office, largely due to her focus on public health and lobbying for necessary upgrades and services in her district. However Ms Hopwood has recently declared that she will not stand for Liberal pre-selection in the 2011 state elections.

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